woman in a field of flowers

Empower Women

The dominance of males on females is already a thing of the past. We now live in world that fully accepts that men and women are equal. But there are still women who let the discrimination rule their lives, that’s why we are here. Girl Fest Bay Area is created to stop these discriminating beliefs. Our job is to liberate young girls and women to stand up and control their lives.

Our Mission

No woman shall be discriminated in anyway. Empower women to stand up for themselves, be successful, and live the life to the fullest.

Barriers In Fulfilling Our Mission

Limiting Beliefs

Many still believe that women are weak, unstable, and incapable of leading. To all people who still believe this, we will prove you that women is integral part of society. Without us, this world will lack color, love, and happiness because women are light to the world.


In the modern world, discriminating women is a no no. If you ┬ádon’t want the whole pack to attack you, then don’t discriminate women. We got each others back, that’s for sure. Discrimination comes with many faces and we don’t tolerate any of them.

Personal Decision

No matter hard we fight for our right, if you don’t stand up for yourself, then all of our efforts will go to waste. It’s time to say no to the things that hurt you. If you let your man to abuse you because of love, then you are putting yourself in an endless cycle of depression, abuse, and oppression.